Group facilitator Tim Ford leading the 2024 ISSA Think Tank

Dubai Makes a Splash in Water Safety: The Coutts Family Scholarship Powers Global Swim School Think Tank

Group facilitator Tim Ford leading the 2024 ISSA Think Tank

In a groundbreaking initiative, Dubai has become the epicenter of a global movement towards water safety. The catalyst for this significant endeavor is the establishment of an industry think tank supported by the Coutts Family Scholarship. Attended by influential industry leaders from around the world, this think tank aims to pioneer a global standard for swim schools, a unified approach that could potentially reduce drownings on a global scale.

The Coutts Family Scholarship: Nurturing Dreams of a Safer World

The Coutts family, renowned for their commitment to philanthropy and social responsibility, has generously thrown its weight behind this transformative initiative. The Coutts Family Scholarship serves as a beacon of hope for a future where water safety is not a luxury but a universally accessible skill. By providing crucial financial support, the scholarship enables the gathering of the brightest minds in the industry, setting the stage for meaningful change in the realm of swim education.

A Confluence of Global Leaders in Dubai

Dubai was the perfect host for this ambitious project which runs just before the International Swim School Conference held at Fairmount – The Palm from 15th – 19th January 2024.  

The industry think tank brings together leaders and experts from diverse backgrounds, representing various corners of the globe. From seasoned swim instructors to policymakers, the collective aim is clear: to create a standardized approach to swim education that can be adopted globally.

The Mission: A Universal Standard for Swim Schools

The central goal of this unprecedented gathering is to establish a universal standard for swim schools. Recognizing the alarming statistics of drownings globally, the think tank envisions a world where swim education is not only widespread but adheres to a set of globally recognized guidelines. By pooling the expertise of industry leaders, the aim is to create a comprehensive framework that addresses diverse learning environments, cultural nuances, and local challenges.

Reducing Global Drownings: A Collective Responsibility

Drowning remains a pressing global issue, affecting communities and families irrespective of geographical location. The think tank acknowledges that creating a lasting impact requires a collaborative effort. By setting a global standard, the initiative seeks to empower communities worldwide, providing them with the tools and knowledge to establish effective swim programs tailored to their unique circumstances.

Get Involved: A Call to Action for a Safer Future

As the industry think tank gains momentum in Dubai, the call to action reverberates globally. Individuals, organizations, and governments passionate about water safety are encouraged to get involved. Whether through advocacy, support, or direct participation, the collective effort to establish a global standard for swim schools is a shared responsibility. By working together, we can turn the tide on drownings and create a safer, more resilient world for generations to come.