Position Statements

The International Swim Schools Association’s position statements serve to guide and uplift swim school owners by establishing best practices in swim education, ensuring safety, and fostering operational excellence for enhanced business success.

Why Swim Schools are so vital and the benefits they provide.

The benefits of swimming and water safety skills in drowning prevention.

What to look for in a good Swim School.

Swimming lessons free of force and trauma

Swim Schools Are An Essential Family and Community Service

Nurturing Safe and Trauma-Free Learning Environments

Elevating Learning Experience through Excellence in Education

Ensuring Safe and Conducive Learning Spaces

Upholding Financial Integrity for Sustainable Swim Education

Fostering Inclusivity in Every Stroke

Building Lasting Bonds through Exceptional Client Support

Nurturing Local Partnerships for Community Well-being

Prioritizing Fair Compensation and Employee Well-being

Nurturing a Supportive Workplace through Best HR Standards

Cultivating Lifelong Learning and Career Advancement

Fostering Environmental Responsibility for Enhanced Profitability

Toward Carbon Neutrality: Strategic Steps for Environmental Responsibility

Upholding Integrity and Sustainability in Procurement

Nurturing Excellence in Policy, Procedures, and Continuous Improvement

Fostering Trust and Integrity through Ethical Marketing