Position Statement #17: Carbon Reduction

Toward Carbon Neutrality: Strategic Steps for Environmental Responsibility


ISSA recommends its members undertake a thorough analysis to calculate their carbon footprint. This guidance stems from a shared acknowledgment within the industry of its environmental impact and underscores ISSA’s commitment. 


ISSA recommends that members conduct a comprehensive analysis, diligently identifying and quantifying all sources of carbon emissions within their swim schools. This detailed process forms the basis for developing tailored plans and strategies aimed at achieving carbon neutrality or zero emissions. Addressing specific sources of carbon emissions empowers swim schools to proactively contribute to environmental sustainability.

Carbon Replacement, Reduction, and Offsets:

ISSA recommends the formulation of plans encompassing carbon replacement, reduction, and offsets. This strategic approach ensures a comprehensive and sustainable strategy to mitigate the environmental impact of swim schools. Strategies may include the adoption of energy-efficient practices, utilization of renewable energy sources, and participation in offset programs.


ISSA articulates its recommendation for a practical yet serious approach to carbon emission reduction. By encouraging swim schools to analyze their carbon footprint and implement strategic recommendations, ISSA aims to foster a culture of environmental responsibility within the industry. These recommendations not only align with contemporary environmental standards but position swim schools as conscientious corporate citizens dedicated to reducing their environmental impact.