ISSA Position Statement #12: Community Engagement

Nurturing Local Partnerships for Community Well-being


The International Swim Schools Association (ISSA) advocates for swim schools to be responsible local corporate citizens, contributing to the community’s economic vitality, supporting neighboring businesses and charities, offering local employment opportunities, and promoting overall community well-being and social responsibility, with a specific focus on water safety.


ISSA encourages swim schools to actively engage with the community, fostering a positive impact. This includes supporting local businesses as supply partners, creating employment opportunities, and promoting community well-being through water safety initiatives.

Parent, School, and Community Education on Water Safety:

ISSA extends its commitment to education beyond clients, providing water safety education to parents, schools, and the community. This ensures widespread understanding of crucial safety measures, making a lasting impact on community well-being.

Economic Impact and Local Support:

Local swim schools play a crucial role in the economy, and ISSA emphasizes ethical business practices and support for local supply partners. This commitment ensures that economic benefits positively contribute to the overall well-being of the community.

Active Community Engagement:

ISSA encourages swim schools to actively engage with the community beyond swim lessons. Involvement in initiatives addressing local needs builds a positive relationship, reinforcing the swim school’s commitment to community well-being.


ISSA highlights that swim schools, through local partnerships, ethical practices, and water safety education, can have a lasting positive impact. This commitment enhances the swim school reputation and contributes to community well-being and resilience.


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