ISSA Position Statement #7: Quality Education

Elevating Learning Experience through Excellence in Education


The International Swim Schools Association (ISSA) is dedicated to advancing quality education within swim schools. This position statement underscores the multifaceted approach required for an enriched learning experience, encompassing a structured curriculum, achievement recognition, competent educators, effective parent communication, stringent quality control, continuous improvement, and valuable customer feedback.


ISSA prioritizes a structured curriculum that aligns with industry best practices, ensuring a systematic and progressive learning journey for each student. Achievement and recognition play a pivotal role, motivating learners and acknowledging their milestones, fostering a positive and encouraging educational atmosphere.

Central to quality education is the presence of competent and qualified educators. ISSA  adheres to rigorous standards in the recruitment and training of instructors, ensuring that each educator possesses the skills and knowledge necessary to provide effective and engaging lessons.

Effective communication with parents is integral to the learning process. ISSA establishes transparent channels for sharing progress, goals, and any relevant information, fostering a collaborative relationship between educators and parents.

Quality control mechanisms are implemented to uphold the highest standards in education. ISSA  undergoes regular assessments and audits, ensuring adherence to curriculum guidelines and maintaining a commitment to excellence. Continuous improvement processes are ingrained in the educational framework, allowing for adaptability and innovation.


By championing the pillars of structured curriculum, achievement recognition, competent educators, effective parent communication, quality control, continuous improvement, and customer feedback, ISSA elevates the overall quality of education. This commitment not only ensures the development of proficient swimmers but also contributes to a positive and supportive learning environment.