ISSA Accreditation

Let's get you accredited

Ready to take the plunge? Here is how you can make it happen, in 3 easy steps. 

Step 1: Join issa

To begin this process you need to be a member of the International Swim Schools Association. Specifically, you need to join as a Business Member to access our Accreditation process. 

Step 2: Get ISSA AccreditatioN

The ISSA Accreditation is in 3 levels: 1 Star, 2 Star and 3 Star.

Each Star must be completed in sequence with the first star being an online self assessment. This process is designed to help and guide you to consider global best practice in how you run your swim school.

Simply log in to the Members area with the email and password provided upon registration and head over to the Accreditation section where you will find a link to get started. You can expect to complete the self assessment in less than 30 minutes. 

Step 3: share our logo with pride

Your membership area contains your digital ISSA Accreditation logos that enable you to share your Accreditation status with pride to your community.