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Through the power of collaboration, ISSA is a Not For Profit Organisation that helps the global swim schools’ industry continue its grow and evolve. We harness international expertise, experience, and passion to develop best practice, educate and inspire.

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drowning is the third highest cause of unintended death in the world.

World Health Organisation

The International Swim Schools Association was founded in 2017, a non for-profit organisation committed to teaching the world to swim. We do this by supporting swim school businesses in operating and in turn, reducing the number of people that drown or are affected by drowning each year. We believe that by bringing swim schools together from around the world, we can champion best practice, collaborate, improve water safety for all and Teach The World to Swim!

ISSA has provided a vital focal point for global collaboration on teaching people to swim. Swimtime has benefited immensely from shared best practice, not only through the sharing of knowledge and expertise but from working together on new strategies to help nations who may not have the resources required to reduce incidents around water.

Theo Millward
Swimtime UK

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