Position Statement #18: Procurement Standards

Upholding Integrity and Sustainability in Procurement


ISSA advocates for the adoption of ethical and sustainable procurement practices within the swim education sector. Recognizing the profound impact of procurement decisions on both local and global scales, ISSA recommends a commitment to high standards that prioritize integrity, sustainability, and positive externalities.


ISSA recommends that swim schools implement ethical and sustainable procurement practices to ensure suppliers align with strict ethical and environmental standards. This involves developing a comprehensive procurement policy or agreement that explicitly prohibits child labor and modern slavery in the supply chains. Swim schools are encouraged to actively seek suppliers committed to fair labor practices and environmental responsibility.

Local Partnerships and Positive Externalities:

ISSA recommends swim schools prioritize local partnerships to support neighboring businesses and contribute to the economic well-being of the community. Additionally, swim schools are urged to proactively make better procurement choices that generate positive externalities, such as purchasing offsets or selecting more sustainable options. This approach fosters a procurement culture that not only avoids harm but actively contributes to social and environmental well-being.


ISSA encourages swim schools to adopt ethical and sustainable procurement practices, fostering a culture of responsibility. This approach positions swim schools as ethical partners dedicated to positive impacts in the swim school sector and the broader global community.