ISSA Position Statement #9: Finance and Legal Compliance

Upholding Financial Integrity for Sustainable Swim Education


The International Swim Schools Association (ISSA) underscores the critical significance of sound financial governance practices within swim schools. Ensuring financial integrity is paramount to sustaining operations, fostering community trust, and maintaining the quality of swim education.


Legal and Financial Compliance:

ISSA advocates for comprehensive legal and financial compliance within swim schools. Adhering to all relevant laws and regulations ensures ethical conduct, transparency, and accountability. Swim schools should establish and adhere to robust financial protocols that align with legal standards, promoting responsible fiscal practices.

Insurance Coverage for Safety:

ISSA emphasizes the necessity of comprehensive insurance coverage to protect against student or client injury or loss. Swim schools should prioritize obtaining suitable insurance policies tailored to address potential liabilities, ensuring adequate coverage to protect all stakeholders.

Employee Well-being:

In addition to student safety, the well-being of employees is crucial. Swim schools are encouraged to secure insurance coverage for employee injuries, especially in cases where government or other coverage might be insufficient. Prioritizing the safety and protection of staff contributes to a positive work environment and supports the continuity of quality education.


ISSA reaffirms its commitment to supporting swim schools in implementing robust financial governance measures. By prioritizing legal and financial compliance, swim schools can uphold financial integrity, prioritize safety, and sustainably deliver high-quality swim education to communities worldwide.