ISSA Position Statement #13: Compensation and Benefits

Prioritizing Fair Compensation and Employee Well-being


The International Swim Schools Association (ISSA) advocates for fair compensation practices in the swim education sector.  This position statement highlights competitive wages that align with the value of employees’ contributions, promoting compliance with local wage laws, and fostering a workplace where every individual is recognized and supported. 


ISSA prioritizes the significance of compensating team members with a living wage, underscoring the importance of fair worker remuneration through competitive salaries. This commitment involves ensuring adherence to local wage laws, recognizing the value of employees’ contributions, extending support for a balanced work-life and promoting overall employee wellness. 

Worker Benefits:

ISSA recognizes the workforce is crucial to success. As an organization committed to ethical practices and social responsibility, ISSA advocates for continually improving worker benefits and promoting fair treatment for all employees, aligning with contemporary standards of ethical practices and social responsibility.


By prioritizing fair compensation that considers the local living wage, and comprehensive benefits, swim schools create a workplace that values and supports every individual. ISSA affirms that this commitment contributes not only to the success of individual swim schools but also to the broader economic success of the communities in which they serve.


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