Position Statement #19: Management Practices

Nurturing Excellence in Policy, Procedures, and Continuous Improvement


ISSA stresses the importance of best practice management in swim education, urging swim schools to establish strong policies and procedures. Recognizing the industry’s diversity, ISSA advocates for a continuous commitment to best practices in all aspects of swim school operations.


ISSA suggests swim schools create comprehensive policies and procedures, with a continuous improvement framework for regular assessments and adjustments. This includes prioritizing business continuity planning for resilience in the face of challenges.

Business Performance and Profitability Management:

ISSA recommends rigorous business performance and profitability practices, involving regular assessments and identifying areas for improvement to maintain profitability. ISSA acknowledges financial sustainability as vital for long-term success.

Strategic Planning:

ISSA advises integrating strategic planning into the business framework, including clear goal-setting, identifying key performance indicators, and regularly adjusting strategies to align with industry trends.


ISSA, by advocating for best practice management, aims to foster a culture of excellence in swim schools. Adherence to these recommendations positions swim schools as industry leaders committed to continuous improvement, resilience, and profitability, ensuring long-term sustainability for individual schools and the industry as a whole.