ISSA Position Statement #8: Facility Standards

Ensuring Safe and Conducive Learning Spaces


The International Swim Schools Association (ISSA) recognizes the pivotal role of teaching facilities, particularly bodies of water, in ensuring quality swim education. This position statement emphasizes the importance of a structured approach to facility management that prioritizes safety, cleanliness, and accessibility.


ISSA places significant emphasis on fostering practices that guarantee swim schools provide lessons in clean, safe, and responsibly managed facilities. The selection of appropriate sites, including open bodies of water, is crucial, considering potential emergencies and ensuring accessibility for all. Swim schools are encouraged to adopt energy-efficient practices in facility operations and responsible chemical usage for water quality. Regular monitoring and maintenance protocols contribute to a safe and conducive learning environment.


Lessons in suitable facilities ensure a clean and safe learning environment. Consideration of wider impacts on the community, accessibility for marginalized groups, and overall site safety are integral. ISSA encourages swim schools to adopt efficient energy and chemical usage practices, contributing to both safety and operational sustainability.


By encouraging teaching venues’ fundamental health and safety, ISSA supports the best possible environment for students to learn and enjoy swimming.