ISSA Position Statement #11: Client Relationships

Building Lasting Bonds through Exceptional Client Support


The International Swim Schools Association (ISSA) emphasizes the fundamental importance of fostering strong relationships with clients in the swim education sector. This position statement advocates for measuring touchpoints, continual improvement, and delivering unparalleled customer service to ensure the success of swim schools.


ISSA recognizes that businesses thrive when they provide exceptional client support and deliver unparalleled customer service. In the swim education context, this extends to building lasting bonds with students and their families. The association encourages swim schools to adopt practices that prioritize family satisfaction, utilizing tools such as client satisfaction surveys to gather valuable feedback.

Measuring Touchpoints:

ISSA encourages swim schools to actively measure touchpoints, identifying critical moments in the client experience journey. Understanding these touchpoints allows for targeted improvements, ensuring that every interaction contributes positively to the overall client relationship.

Continual Improvement:

Business success hinges on continual improvement. ISSA advocates for swim schools to regularly assess and enhance their client support mechanisms, adapting to evolving needs and expectations. This commitment to ongoing improvement ensures that swim schools remain responsive and attuned to the satisfaction of their clients.


By actively measuring touchpoints, seeking client feedback, and continually improving in client support, swim schools can build lasting bonds and foster strong relationships. ISSA affirms that a client-centric approach not only contributes to the success of individual swim schools but also elevates the overall quality of swim education worldwide.